ePortfolio Cover Letter

Dear Portfolio Readers,

The course UWP1 turned out to be a lot different than I expected in the beginning of the quarter. I expected the course to be more focused on scientific academic writing in the beginning and had hoped to articulate my thought into the actual essay. But it turned out the course explores into different writing genres and aspect of the writing style that could effects how the audience view my paper. Before this class, I never consider the importance of audience and I am just writing for myself or the instructor, however, the class’s objective allows me to improve my awareness of the audience and the many different ways I can approach my audience could result in a different purpose of the paper.

At the beginning of the quarter, I always think that a well written essay consists of focused argument, analysis, and example that tie to the thesis, ideas are connected to each other, little confusion for the reader, and most importantly limited grammatical errors. While all of those elements are essential for an essay, I also learned that the way I address to an audience is equally important. In the process of writing my Rhetorical Analysis essay, which I focused on the writing styles for a specific audience, I realized that I would not be able to achieve my purpose if I was to write for a general audience and used academic research writing style. This ultimately made me more cautious when revising the two essays for the Final Portfolio.

One of the main focuses of the class was to identify a specific audience and becoming aware of how my writing could affect the reader’s interest. This is one of the challenges that I have when writing a persuasive essay as I have little consideration of my reader’s perspective and so I used to just throw in ideas to fulfill the purpose of the prompt. However, after writing the Rhetorical Analysis essay, I feel like I have a better understanding of how to address the audience and draw their attention.

I decided to use my Digital Literacy Narrative and Rhetorical Analysis essay for the final portfolio because I believe it showed improvement between the first few drafts and my final draft. One of the many key changes I made for these two essays are the complexity of information I want the audience to know. For example, the audience for the Digital Literacy essay is college student at my age and so I limited some information on technology such as its function because I would assume college students used the same programs as I am.

Even though the Problem essay’s prompt reflect most on being aware of the audience, but I feel that my arguments and presented ideas toward the audience were a lot weaker than the Digital Narrative and I did not have a strong connection and stand point of the issue. However, in my digital narrative essay, I had a stronger opinion about the subject which made it easier for me to articulating my word choice toward the audience. In addition, I chose the Rhetorical Analysis essay because the essay showed that I was able to identify the methods that the two authors used to effectively interpret the material for a specific audience.

I think this portfolio represent my writing improvement throughout this quarter. Before taking this class, I did not value the importance of audience as much which weakened my argument; however, I know that my argument is much stronger with the changes I made to connect with the audience. In the end, this course have helped me communicate effectively with the audience and hopefully, I would be able to further continue to improve more on this aspect as writing throughout my academic years.

Thank You,

Tu Le


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